Friday, July 3, 2009

Washington Post Sells Out - More Details

We wrote in Washington Post Sells Out about the dirty little secret of the Post Post (NYSE: WPO) selling access to its' reporters, and to elected and administration officials. The Post today continued their own self-flagelation, in Post Co. Cancels Corporate Dinners.

Well, it appears that the marketing department of the Washington Post, who, as we previously suggested might be considering booking the staff photographers out for non-editorial work, didn't think that the staff photographers' work was good enough for use in the marketing materials promoting the "salon" or to shoot something for it?

Nicely done Washington Post.
So, then, where did they get the image from?
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It is a royalty-free image from Photodisc, and for under $500 you can get the full disc of 100 images. Here's the image:

There's just something wrong with this picture, and I don't mean the actual image.

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