Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dpBestflow - A Comprehensive Resource

dpBestflow - the culmination of a multi-year project between the Library of Congress and the American Society of Media Photographers, was officially launched during Washington DC's FotoWeekDC celebration, and using superlatives like "comprehensive", "all-encompassing", or "world class" seems to still under-state the herculean effort that Project Director Richard Anderson, Senior Project Manager Peter Krogh, and others, undertook to make this vision a reality.

ASMP has been able to research in great detail and through extensive investigations, thanks to the grant by the Library of Congress, best practices for digital photography. From image capture to ingestion, image management and archiving - it literally is all here - at the website.

Have a question about camera or printer profiling? How about file formats, or metadata standards? In fact, I'll just stop here and tell you that you that everything you ever wanted to know about every aspect of workflow, in simple and easy to understand visuals and videos, is ALL THERE. FOR FREE.

Check out this video to learn more. (RSS readers click here to view it on Vimeo).

StartHere from ASMP dpBestflow on Vimeo.

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