Monday, January 11, 2010

PhotoShelter - Advice For The AfterStaff Circumstance

The good folks over at PhotoShelter called the other day to ask what 10 things a current staffer should do to prepare for their inevitable "switch" to freelance, and also the 10 things a newfound freelancer from the "Staff World" should do, so I gave them a few ideas, contemplated after a long spell in the shower, and I encourage you to head over there to check them out -


This advice applies if you are:

  1. A freelancer welcoming the former staffer now newfound freelancer into your community (help them and welcome them, dammit, don't be a selfish jerk)

  2. A staffer who thinks your staff job is safe (it's not - REALLY, IT'S NOT)

  3. A staffer who just was forcibly "switched" to freelance by your (now former) employer

  4. The spouse or partner of a freelancer who is now worried about healthcare, rent/mortgage, and small things like where the next meal is coming from, and wants to know how to kick their freelance spouse back into gear and out of their malaise, and otherwise help.

So, go read, and be enlightened, and be thoughtful - it's a good thing for your karma.
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